Fun Finds: World's Largest Lightsaber Battle Caught on Video

What happens when you get over 100 Star Wars fans together in a shopping mall? Oh, well, perhaps the world's largest lightsaber battle will break out… that's all. And, yes, that's exactly what happened on February 13th in Bristol, England, when a flashmob of Star Wars fans – assembled and organized through Facebook – descended on the mall and broke out into a massive lightsaber battle. Thankfully the lightsabers they were using were all plastic and not harmful (mall janitors were happy about that), but it's still a pretty cool thing to put together even if the overhead wide shot makes it look like a bunch of kids at a weird daytime rave.

Lightsaber battle

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Would you ever participate in a flashmob like this?


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