Fun Finds: Check Out Robert Pattinson Singing

Before Robert Pattinson entered the world of Twilight, thereby instantly transforming into The Most Popular Male Actor in the Universe, he starred in a little film called How to Be, which will conveniently hit DVD shelves right before New Moon opens in theaters on November 17th.

In the film Pattinson plays a struggling musician in London who invites the author of a self-help book to come live with him and his parents. Um…okay. Obviously this film isn't garnering any Oscar nods, and probably would've disappeared into obscurity if it wasn't for Pattinson's newfound popularity.
But for fans who revel in all things Pattinson, you may find the following clip kinda adorable and sorta hilarious. Here, Pattinson's character attempts to pump himself up in front of a mirror before taking the stage for a performance. Though he's a tad more disheveled than, say, Edward Cullen, I'm sure there's still plenty to love. Let us know what you think.


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