Friday Five: Potential Future Female Ghostbusters

Earlier this week Dab Aykroyd said that he’d like for the new Ghostbusters sequel to feature the first-ever female Ghostbusters alongside the "new recruits" and the old veterans. Aykroyd listed Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku as two ladies he thinks are "amazing," and the former already has a head start as she voices one of the characters in the new Ghostbusters video game. But what other ladies would look fantastic in that classic Ghostbusters jumpsuit? Here are five I think could totally handle a proton pack (and Bill Murray’s sarcastic quips):

1. Christina Ricci – Have you ever seen Black Snake Moan? This girl is beaten to a pulp and chained up for 75% of the film, which, in my opinion, makes her tough enough to fight off a few ghosts. Plus, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen her in a big film (Speed Racer?), and the gal could use a cool franchise like this one to inject some life into her on-again, off-again career.
2. Natalie Portman – Though she doesn’t look all that tough, Portman displayed the necessary fightin’ skills in all three Star Wars prequel films, and she certainly brings enough quirk (Garden State, anyone?) to the Ghostbusters franchise. I’d like to see her suit up, most def.
3. Summer Glau – Now that The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled, that leaves plenty of open space for Summer Glau – who, on the TV show, played one of those kickass female Terminators. If she can throw big, tough muscle men across the room, she’s strong enough to handle any situation the Ghostbusters toss her way
4. Megan Fox – This pretty lady has a heckuva lot on her plate right now, with the Transformers movies and her upcoming stints in Jonah Hex and Fathom. But if they can find some time to carve into her hectic schedule, Fox totally has the chops to take out a legion of angry ghosts. But can she do comedy? That we have yet to see…
5. Anna Faris – The other four ladies are all pretty tough, so this is my straight comedic choice to join the bunch. Faris is hilarious, and I could totally see her bumbling her way through Ghostbusters training – mingling with the new recruits, playing love interest to one (or more) of them. Funnily enough, she’d be my first choice to star, so if you’re listening Mr. Aykroyd – pick Anna!

So which actress would you most like to see in the new Ghostbusters sequel? Any of my choices work for you, or are there much better ladies to pick from?

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