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Friday Five: Actors Who Could Play Captain America

While we await the next Iron Man sequel to hit theaters next year, Marvel is slowly putting together their next few franchises – all of which (they hope) will turn out successful and combine to churn out one incredible, star-studded Avengers movie in 2012. The First Avenger: Captain America (due in theaters on July 22, 2011) is one of those films, and there’s a whole bunch of buzz surrounding which actor will eventually take over the iconic superhero role. Here are five guys to keep your eye on…

1. Will Smith – No one can open a summer movie like Will Smith, and the dude proved to be a pretty decent superhero in last summer’s Hancock – not to mention the fact that he just feels like a great representative of what Captain America should be. Buzz is that Smith might be signing on to star, and even other actors – like Channing Tatum – are chiming in with their own two cents. Channing told MTV recently that he heard Smith was taking the role. Could there be some truth to that, or was Tatum just caught up in another one of those bogus internet rumors? Only time will tell…
2. Channing Tatum – Speaking of Mr. Tatum, who’s about to throw on those action boots for a role in this summer’s G.I. Joe, he seems like another guy who’s destined to take on a role like Captain America – especially with those Americana, boy-ish good looks and warm personality. When asked whether he’d be interested, Tatum told MTV, “I would love to play Captain America. I actually really, really would love it.” Hmmm…
3. Matthew McConaughey – One of the first names to circle the role of Captain America, Matthew McConaughey definitely has the looks and the charisma, but is he too "loose" to play a superhero? McConaughey seems to enjoy taking roles that involve him hanging out on a beach with his shirt off, and not dressed up in some tight, form-fitting superhero costume fighting bad guys. He looks the part, sure, but could he act the part?
4. Nathan Fillion – We’ve mentioned fan-favorite Fillion before for something else, but it’s worth bringing him up again here because the dude would be perfect for a superhero role – and even voiced a part in the last Wonder Woman animated movie (so we know he’s familiar with the universe, even if he’d need to switch from DC to Marvel). Fillion is a tremendous character actor, and we could easily see him taking Captain America and making it his own.
5. Tom Cruise – Although Cruise may be a bit too old to play Captain America, you couldn’t tell by watching him kick tons of ass in Mission Impossible 3, and I’m sure he’d be able to handle the stunt work just fine. He’s charismatic, and I’d kinda like to see him play a superhero at some point down the line…if only to see what Cruise looks like dressed up in a skin-tight suit.

What do you think of the five guys listed above? Any of them have what it takes to play Captain America, or do you have a better choice for filmmakers to consider?

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