Fox Searchlight Brings 'Hitchcock' To Oscar Race, 'Great Gatsby' Shuffles to May 2013

The past few weeks have seen several films shuffle around the release calendar. Several award contending films have delayed their releases in hopes of capitalizing on awards season fervor.

On project that has remained relatively under the radar has been Fox Searchlight's Hitchcock. You may recall pictures from a couple months back of Anthony Hopkins dressed up as the iconic director and Scarlett Johansson portraying Janet Leigh.

It appears that Fox Searchlight thinks this film has a shot of nabbing a few nominations this season as they've released a new poster as well as a November 23 limited release date. Whether announcement signals confidence in this project or a lack thereof in John Hawkes' nomination hopes for The Sessions will have to wait until the first flurry or critics' choices and nominations are announced in a couple months.

In addition to Hopkins and Johansson, the film also co-stars Jessica Biel as Vera Miles, Helen Mirren, Ralph Maccio (yes, thee Karate Kid), Toni Collete, Danny Huston, James D'Arcy and Kurtwood Smith. The film is a "biographical comedy drama" focusing on the behind the scenes controversy behing Hitchcock's Psycho.

Speaking of awards contenders, The Great Gatsby was poised to be one of the serious contenders until it was abruptly shuffled to 2013 amid talk of visual effects issues.

Now Warner Bros. has pegged the film with a May 10, 2013 release date, which positions the film around the same release date as director Baz Luhrman's blockbuster hit Moulin Rouge.

Will you go watch Gatsby amid all the summer popcorn flicks that will be hitting theaters?

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