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Fox Picks Up Mark Millar's 'Kindergarten Heroes'

Hopefully all parents reading this refrained from bringing their children to Kick-Ass 2. Just because it’s a superhero movie doesn’t mean it’s automatically aimed at comic book collecting kids. 

But that doesn’t mean moms and dads need to swear off of Kick-Ass cocreator Mark Millar entirely. In fact, the artist/writer’s next project seems to be made with the family in mind, so put it on your radar. 
Millar is setting up an adaptation of his comic Kindergarten Heroes at 20th Century Fox, Deadline reports. Carter Blanchard will write the script, while Simon Kinberg (the various X-Men movies) will produce. 
Blanchard’s a hot name at the moment, having penned Glimmer and Spy Hunter for DreamWorks and Warner Bros., respectively. 
Kindergarten Heroes, meanwhile, is a new property which hasn’t even hit the shelves yet. Millar hasn’t totally abandoned the superhero genre. But his latest protagonists, as you can tell by the image above, are much younger, and probably less lethal than, say, Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz).
We’re obviously a long way off from Kindergarten Heroes becoming an actual film. The script has just kicked off, and Fox will need to find a proper director. But it’s nice to know – if and when you guys pick up a copy of Millar’s next book – that a movie will be right behind it, eventually.



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