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Five Things I’m Dying To See In 'Titanic 3D'

The web site started promoting "Fan Sneak Previews" today for James Cameron’s upcoming 3D re-release of his Oscar-winning opus Titanic.
Now, before you get too excited, the "Fan Sneaks" are only happening one day before the film officially re-opens on April 4. And keep in mind, these are being held nearly seven weeks after Paramount Pictures pre-screened a 3D Titanic on Valentine’s Day. (Because nothing says "I love you" like Kate Winslet refusing to move over on that piece of wood so that Leonardo DiCaprio can get out of the freezing water.)
Still, the announcement of these "Sneaks" – and our own page for advanced tickets – got me thinking about Cameron’s masterpiece, which I’m eagerly anticipating. I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to admit that I helped Titanic reach the $600 million mark by seeing it seven times in theaters. That’s right. Seven.
And while I won’t try and break my personal record this April, I will go back and see it in 3D at least once, and here are the five things I’m most excited to see in 3D. What are yours?
1. Rose’s ridiculously large wide-brimmed hat.
It’s a great character reveal, with Winslet’s aristocrat emerging from her automobile and glancing up at the massive ocean liner. It’s a posh contradiction to the drowned rat who’s scurrying along with her newfound lover trying to survive a sinking ship, and I like to be reminded of where Rose begins her journey. I wonder if the hat still rests in the Titanic’s wreckage.
2. The dolphins
Basically because it’s the first time DiCaprio stands at the bow and allows the audience to take in the view. Cameron, at this point, is taking his set out for a test drive, and I’m sure the dimensions of the massive ship will leap off of the screen in 3D. This scene gradually became known for Cameron’s humble "King of the World" declaration. But when you see how amazing these shots are, it’s hard to argue against him.
3. The Irish dancers
Granted, with a name like Sean O’Connell, I’m more than a little biased. But this vivacious scene – placed after the said dinner sequence at the first-class tables – helped explain why Rose would want to sacrifice a life of privilege to be with a traveling artist like Jack. Heck, I was willing to chuck my responsibilities for a life of drinking, dance and song after Cameron’s bawdy party scene. Rose and Jack’s first dance should pop in 3D.
4. The iceberg
The villain of Cameron’s piece, if you will. For all of the visual wizardry of Titanic, the iceberg that sends the ship to a watery grave always looked like a piece of paper mache. Now that Cameron has the time – and the money – to tinker with his Oscar winner, I’m really hoping he has improved the look of the icy rock that punctures Titanic’s side.
5. The final plunge
It’s Cameron’s most breathtaking shot, perhaps, in any of his films. Jack and Rose climb to the aft of Titanic, which has cracked in half and now points straight up toward the heavens. They watch, helplessly, as dangling passengers drop to their death. And as the boat submerges, Jack tells Rose to hold her breath. He doesn’t need to tell us. We stopped breathing minutes ago. And I can only imagine this shot will take my breath away once again when I’m able to see it in 3D.
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