First Look: Vin Diesel and "The Rock" in 'Fast Five'

The first image from the fifth installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise, Fast Five, has arrived online ahead of its first trailer (which also debuts online this week). In it, we see Vin Diesel (returning once again as Dominic, the head of an underground racing crew) squaring off against Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who plays a relentless Federal Agent hot on the trail of the elusive racers. We’re not sure what’s being said in this scene, but if we were to guess, Diesel’s Dominic is all like "Bring it!" and Johnson’s Hobbs is all like, "I’ll take you down! You’ll see!"

Fast Five

The franchise, which has scored almost half a billion dollars at the box office thus far, will return to screens with this fifth installment on April 29th. Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson and Jordana Brewster are all returning (as is director Justin Lin) for a story that finds our favorite illegal racing crew trying to dodge a ruthless drug lord and Johnson’s Federal Agent character, Hobbs.
On bringing Dwayne Johnson into the franchise for its fifth installment, director Link told USA Today, “If you're going to do a Fast and Furious movie, you've got to go bigger each time," says Lin. "People thought it would be impossible to get Dwayne. But he didn't show up looking to cash a paycheck. That's pretty amazing, for a star like him to join the fifth part of a franchise. That says a lot about him and the fans." He later added, “I think what keeps it going is that it's not really about cars. I have to be honest: I'm not a big car guy. At the core, Fast and Furious is about family and how to create them."
Are you excited about Fast Five, or do you think the series has run out of gas?
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