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First Look at the New Wonder Woman – What Do You Think?

It’s a television show, and it may not even get picked up, but the character of Wonder Woman is so popular that we felt you’d want to see it anyway – especially since there was almost a film made by Joss Whedon, and still might be one someday down the line.

But, yes, this is Adrianne Palicki as the new (and improved?) Wonder Woman. She’ll be starring in a pilot for a new Wonder Woman show written by David E. Kelley, though as of now no one has picked it up. Considering the buzz surrounding the show (and the talent involved), chances are a network will give it at least one season to see how it lands with audiences.
Fans are already up in arms over the suit saying it looks too cheap, too plastic and just not what they had hoped for. Me? I think she looks pretty rad, and I’d have no problem letting her save my day … but I’m a dude, and, well, yeah. There’s that.
What do you think of the new look for Wonder Woman?
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