First 'Inception' Review is in! Is it This Year's 'Dark Knight'?

Warner Bros. is being real careful about how far in advance they're allowing the press to review Christopher Nolan's Inception. Taking into account that the man's last film was The Dark Knight, it's pretty obvious that Inception has the chance to be this summer's biggest (and most lucrative) film, though according to the first review from Peter Travers in Rolling Stone magazine, it may be a tough film for audiences to wrap their heads around.


The New York Post published the first paragraph from the review (which isn't online yet), and Travers claims its like "James Bond meets The Matrix", with definite traces of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. He calls it the "mind-blowing movie event of the summer", though agrees that the twisted, complicated plot (which involves dreams and dreams within dreams) may be a little hard to digest in one sitting. Whether or not that will turn off audiences looking for a summer blockbuster that's a little easier on the brain is something we won't know until this monster hits theaters.
As much as it looks like the most fun this summer has to offer, I still don't see Inception bringing in Dark Knight numbers. Let's face facts: it just doesn't have the built-in superhero audience or the "Heath Ledger's last role" factor. Inception seems to be a film that will play to an older crowd, and I just can't see the fanboys turning out in droves to watch this flick 2 or 3 times. That said, expect Inception to join Toy Story 3 as your first two Best Picture nominations come Oscar time. That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it.
What do you think of Inception so far? Is it your most anticipated summer movie, or do you think it just looks to weird for your moviegoing tastes?
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