First Full Trailer Shows Off New (?) 'RoboCop' and Samuel L. Jackson's Funky Hairpiece

First Full Trailer Shows Off New (?) 'RoboCop' and Samuel L. Jackson's Funky Hairpiece

On the list of classic '80s movies that shouldn't be touched, RoboCop certainly ranks as one of them. Granted the two sequels that the original film spawned weren't very good, but the first film remains a sci-fi classic.

The remake was first announced a couple years ago and fans were shown a sizzle reel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Now we finally get a full look at the latest casualty to Hollywood ongoing reboot/remake fever. Here's the first full-length trailer:


Love it or hate it, director Jose Padilha talked with Hero Complex about taking on the project, changes that have been made and that terrific ensemble cast.

"I actually went to MGM to have a meeting about something else, and I saw the RoboCop poster. And they said, 'You know what? Let’s do this.'" 

"I actually had a take (which is the premise of the current movie), which is we’re in the future, and drones have been replaced by robots and are being used all over the world for foreign policy and war. Kind of like instead of sending soldiers to Iraq, you send robots to Tehran. This is how we open the movie, with American robots in Tehran, because Iran has been invaded. The idea is, now soldiers don’t die in wars, so there’s no political pressure at home to end wars."

"The thing that distinguishes RoboCop from most superhero movies is if you look at a movie like Spider-Man or Iron Man, every kid wants to be Spider-Man or aspires to be Iron Man. So you can make a movie — and those movies are great and fun — based on that. RoboCop, he cannot touch his wife and his son, he cannot relate to humans in the way he related before he became RoboCop, so there’s no aspiration to be RoboCop."

"Instead of having ads, now we have a right-wing media mogul who is Samuel L. Jackson’s character, who distorts reality to his own purposes, and he talks about RoboCop all the time. So he kind of like is the parallel to the ads, but instead of being ads, it’s the media itself."

"I truly believe that the performance that Joel Kinnaman delivered in this movie, it’s so amazing. It’s so dramatic. Our RoboCop, it takes a long time to get to that place. So we actually see in our movie how RoboCop gets there, how he’s made. The process of making him takes a big chunk of the movie."

"Michael Keaton is the head of this company that makes RoboCop, and Michael came up with a take on a villain which is not really a villain, because his arguments are also sound. He says if you put robots in law enforcement, policemen don’t die, so you’ll be saving lives. Robots are not corruptible. Gary Oldman is simply a genius, so I don’t have to say anything more about that."


So there you have it. A reboot born out of a bunch of studio execs looking at a classic movie poster and deciding to reboot it. Look for the finished product in theaters February 7, 2014.


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