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Film Mom: Why 'Oogieloves' Shouldn't Scare You, Parents

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A parent venturing into a theater with a toddler just signed up for 90 minutes of "shush"-ing, "be still"-ing, "I’m sorry"-ing,  and shuttling in and out of the theater. Even if it’s Finding Nemo, little guys just can’t sit still.

As an avid moviegoing mother of a 2-year-old, I am ecstatic about new release The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. This is the rare Mommy and Me movie that is actually made for tots. It may be the only intentionally interactive film that asks the audience to stand up in the theater, dance and sing – kind of like The Rocky Horror Picture Show for rugrats.

Who are the Oogieloves and why should you be excited to go on a journey with them? No one knows. The Big Balloon Adventure is actually their first adventure ever, but that's OK--the creator of Oogieloves has kiddie cred: Kenn Viselman is the producer of the Teletubbies and Thomas the Tank Engine TV shows. He’s cast familiar faces adults will recognized like Jamie Pressley, Toni Braxton and Cary Elwes, who clearly relished the opportunity to be over-the-top silly.  The Oogieloves may be the giggliest movie you’ll ever have had the back of your chair kicked to.

Other movies to see with your family this weekend:

ParaNorman. An 11-year-old who talks to the dead is really a metaphor for the millions of kids who feel like outcasts, even in their own families, because they are “different.” Two warnings: a) it’s not for children’s whose age is in the single digits and b) bring Kleenex.



The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Everyone sees Timothy Green as odd – except Timothy Green. What is most enchanting about this magical movie is how Timothy’s self-confidence teaches the people around him to accept who THEY are. Also, bring Kleenex.



Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. To get out of spending his summer interning for his dad, Greg Heffley tells his parents he is working at the country club. Greg’s lies catch up to him in hilarious fashion in the most relatable Diary of a Wimpy Kid yet.



To find out what kids think about these movies, go to, where all kids are movie critics.


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Rachel Weisz, Jessica Chastain, Michael Sheen, Barry Pepper Cut from Terrence Malick's 'To the Wonder'