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Film Mom: Top 6 Most Anticipated Family Movies of 2013

Film Mom: Top 6 Most Anticipated Family Movies of 2013

The Film Mom is a weekly column about family entertainment for parents with kids (and kids with parents) by Tara McNamara, the editor and founder of

Last year was so rife with fantastic family films that the expectation level for 2013 is high. Here are the Top 6 Most Anticipated Family Films, as voted by Fandango users.

No. 1: Despicable Me 2 (27%) Some might find it surprising to learn families are most anxiously awaiting the further adventures of supervillain Gru and his three adopted daughters, but those would also be the people who never saw the original. Despicable Me is cleverly written, surprisingly heartwarming, and unexpectedly hilarious. Plus, nobody maximizes 3D like Gru’s adorable minions. (July 3)

No. 2: Monsters University (18%). A monster doesn’t become the Top Scarer without a little know-how. Monsters University is the origin story of how Mike Wazowski and James P. “Sully” Sullivan met in college. Pixar’s Monsters Inc. is arguably one of the best family films ever made so there’s no doubt many families are clamoring to see the prequel. (June 21)

No. 3: The Smurfs 2 (17%). Movies young children can enjoy are few and far between, and movies for little kids that parents also enjoy are even rarer. However, parents remember from their own childhood that the little blue guys (and girl!) can be counted on to beat Gargamel’s dastardly plans in a way that amuses the child in all of us. (July 31)

No. 4: Escape from Planet Earth (12%). Sure, it’s about aliens captured and trying to escape Area 51, but it’s really about trying to understand how to operate in our world when everything is new. Now that’s something a child can relate to. (Feb. 14)

No. 5: Epic (9%). What would life be like if humans were the size of ants? It’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids meets A Bug’s Life. (May 24)

No. 6: The Croods (8%) An earthquake shakes up the very beliefs of a Stone Age family when they must venture into the world to find a new home. Newfangled innovations like fire and shoes challenge dad Grug’s personal philosophy, “Never not be afraid.” Of course, the message of the film is just the opposite. (Mar. 22)

Those movies aren’t hitting theaters for a while, but here are movies you can see with your family right now:

 Lincoln. Some tweens and teens are calling this historical re-enactment one of their favorite movies of the year. And the Academy agrees.




 Parental Guidance. A time existed where parents let kids watch TV for hours, drink soda after soda, and ride their bike all over town without supervision. Those kids grew up to be parents who forbid all of that. Parental Guidance is a funny look at how parenting has changed through the eyes of the parents, the kids and the grandparents. 



 Monsters, Inc. 3D. We may have to wait until June for Monsters University, but this rerelease allows audiences to appreciate the brilliance of the original in its full screen glory once again.




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