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Film Mom: 'Jurassic Park: A 3D IMAX Experience' – for Kids, or Not?

Film Mom: 'Jurassic Park: A 3D IMAX Experience' – for Kids, or Not?

Converted into 3D and IMAX, Steven Spielberg’s 20-year-old Jurassic Park seems like it’s for kids: it’s about dinosaurs and theme parks, both of which kids love, and two kids are in the movie. So, should you or shouldn’t you take your kid to see the 3D IMAX version of the dinosaur classic? Here are 9 reasons you should, and 1 that may make you think twice.

1.       Jurassic Park may have been made in 1993 but this conversion is 2013’s best movie as yet. In fact…

2.       Jurassic Park: A 3D IMAX Experience will leave audiences wondering “why don’t they make movies like this anymore?”

3.       And also wondering why Steven Spielberg doesn’t make movies like this anymore.

4.       After all this time, the CGI and animatronic dinosaurs mostly hold up.

5.       Remember the '90s? This plays like a period piece: Laura Dern’s mom jeans, Jeff Goldblum as a sex symbol, and squeals of excitement over new technology – a CD-ROM!  

6.       Even years later it makes science fascinating and tangible in a way even a younger audience can understand.  Intelligent characters thoughtfully discuss chaos theory, DNA, cloning, and why we should or should not make scientific advances just because we can.

7.       Jurassic Park provides proof that Samuel L. Jackson really is in every movie.

8.       Of all the 3D and IMAX conversions of movie classics, Jurassic Park: A 3D IMAX Experience is by far the best. Not only that…

9.       It's the best of all 3D and IMAX movies ever made (I’d go so far as to say better than Avatar).

On the other hand,

1.       Don’t let your memory play games with you. Yes, Jurassic Park is an awesome film, but don’t forget that the humans are trapped on an island with an army of prehistoric monsters. My sensitive 12-year old said "no way" would she go to see this film and after seeing it in the intensifying 3D and IMAX format, I’m relieved she put her foot down. Jurassic Park: the 3D IMAX Experience is freaking scary!

Here are three other movies in theaters to see with the family this week:

The Croods. Family values haven’t changed much since the beginning of humanity – dads are overprotective and daughters want to explore the world and the boys who inhabit it.

Oz the Great and Powerful. Now that Cartoon Network is running The Wizard of Oz, it’s the perfect time to see the prequel and compare the movies side-by-side.

G.I. Joe Retaliation. Lengthy action sequences, weapons are plentiful and the female Joe’s job is to look pretty so she distracts the enemy – yep, sounds like how boys play with their action figures!

But do kids like these movies? Find out at, where all kids are movie critics.

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