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Film Mom: Can a Movie Be Super Patriotic and Anti-American at the Same Time?

The entertaining action film White House Down ushers in a new film genre it’s time to officially recognize: Taliban porn. Let me explain…

White House Down is the latest movie where the president, the White House, and often America itself are nearly destroyed. In the last few months, the multiplex has seen similar stories with Olympus Has Fallen, Iron Man 3, and even Man of Steel. Of course, plots threatening America and our way of life is not a new story, but it bothers me less when aliens are destroying the country in Independence Day or when the destruction is evenhandedly spread across the globe as in World War Z. What disturbs me the most about this new batch of movies is that it feels like Hollywood is feeding a particular market: America haters.

In the year 2000, the general public lived in ignorant bliss, thinking the only group who looked at us with disdain was the French. Now we know anti-American sentiment is being bred across the globe, even here in our own country. What separates White House Down and Iron Man 3 is that the villains are disgruntled Americans. In Man of Steel, General Zod is bringing down "Metropolis," aka New York City, in a way that resembles 9/11 and as they endlessly fistfight, Superman is equally responsible for the estimated $2 trillion in damage. Director Antoine Fuqua so emphasized the accuracy and realism injected into Olympus Has Fallen that it makes one wonder if terrorists would view it as a how-to for bringing down Washington. Ultimately, I mostly wonder if Hollywood continues to make movies about villains outsmarting and taking down the government, how can we expect our children to respect those in authority? 


Here are movies to see with the kids this weekend:

White House Down. Also controversial: do you bring tweens or teens? On the plus side: the movie is an educational primer on White House and presidential history AND 11-year-old Joey King is just as heroic as Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. On the negative side: this PG-13 movie is incredibly, surprisingly violent.

Monsters University. Being scared of the dark is so last generation. Monsters U makes fear adorable.

After Earth. Please take it from me, see this movie with your tween or young teen. The film is literally a metaphor for growing up under a parent’s guidance.

To see what kids think of these movies, go to, where all kids are movie critics.


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