Fantastic Fest Winners, Plus Videos of The RZA's All-Star Karaoke & Michelle Rodriguez's Boxing Extravaganza

And the winners at this year's Fantastic Fest, the phenomenally fun genre film festival put on by Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, are…everyone lucky enough to attend. Seriously, what other film fest in the country features the fest's organizer in a purple mohawk and spandex going toe to toe in a boxing ring with Michelle Rodriguez? Or a Criterion Films sponsored, "Chaos Reigns" karaoke with renditions of The Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" and "It's Raining Men" featuring The RZA, Elijah Wood, Spaceballs' Bill Pullman and other assorted crazy filmmakers and fest organizers. See video evidence below of the glory that was…it's definitely a little NSFW, but hilarious nonetheless. The best thing is, the fest is the very definition of all-inclusive movie fun. Filmmakers, celebs, fanboys, and people of all types and stripes  just looking for a great time mix it up together without any of the usual foo foo Hollywood shenanigans. Check out our photo gallery of all the festivities and bravo, indeed, to those crazy movie-loving folks down in Austin. Plus, huge congrats to Bedeviled, this year's Audience Award winner…full list of winners below, too…






Bedevilled (Jang Cheol-so)

Runners Up: Golden Slumber, Rubber, Ip Man 2



Best Picture: We Are What We Are

Best Director: Thomas Cappelen Malling (Norwegian Ninja)

Best Screenplay: Jorge Michel Grau (We Are What We Are)

Best Actor: Mads Ousdal (Norwegian Ninja)

Best Actress: Seo Yeong-hee (Bedevilled)



Best Picture: Kidnapped

Best Director: Miguel Ángel Vivas (Kidnapped)

Best Screenplay: Simon Barrett (A Horrible Way to Die)

Best Actor: A J Bowen (A Horrible Way to Die)

Best Actress: Amy Seimetz (A Horrible Way to Die)



Best Picture: Sound of Noise

Best Director: Pablo Trapero (Carancho)

Best Screenplay: Shion Sono and Yoshiki Takahashi (Cold Fish)

Best Actor: Stellan Skarsgård (Somewhat Gentle Man)

Best Actress: Martina Gusman (Carancho)



Best Horror Short: Legend of Beaver Dam (Jerome Sable)

Honorable Mention - Best Potential: Deus Irae (Pedro Cristiani)



Best Fantastic Short: Sorry...I Love You (Leticia Dolera)



Best Animated Short: Teclópolis (Javier Mrad)

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