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Fanboy Fix: ‘X-Men: First Class,’ ‘Voltron’ Movie and ‘Green Lantern’

‘Voltron’ Movie Finally Heating Up

Word via Vulture is that there’s currently a bidding war going on in Hollywood over the rights to finance a live-action Voltron movie. Kids of the 1980s should remember Voltron as the giant robot made up of several smaller robot lions commanded by five young pilots who were tasked with protecting the planet. Well, with Transformers going on hiatus for awhile following Michael Bay’s trilogy-ending Dark of the Moon due out this summer, Hollywood is itching to piece together another Transformers-like franchise to take its place … and apparently that’s Voltron. Can Voltron keep the giant robot-related summer blockbuster alive? Sound off and let us know what you think.

New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Posters Arrive Online

A couple of new character posters for X-Men: First Class have arrived online, both of which look to once again hammer in the fact that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are playing earlier versions of Professor X and Magneto, respectively. The fanboys of the world haven’t been too kind to these posters so far, though we understand Fox’s desire to connect this new X-Men movie with the original trilogy from a marketing and continuity standpoint. What do you think?
New ‘Green Lantern’ Images Arrive Online
One of the larger summer superhero movies still flying somewhat under the radar, Green Lantern looks to be ramping up its marketing with the arrival of a few more images and posters. Chances are we’ll see another full-length trailer soon as we inch closer to the film’s June 17th release.
Speaking to Empire about his green superhero suit (which is being created via CG and not a physical suit that he wears), Ryan Reynolds said, “It has to be virtual rather than spandex. This is a suit from an alien planet, It’s not The Dark Knight – I don’t put the suit on and my voice drops several octaves. The suit is powered specifically on his will, his emotion, his creativity and his imagination. I love that. Everything Hal creates are images from his childhood. Or things fueled specifically from his own mind.”
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