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Fanboy Fix: 'Star Trek 2', 'Spider-Man 4' and 'Avatar'

Star Trek 2

The stars came out this week in honor of the DVD and Blu-ray release of Star Trek, and with them came a flood of questions regarding the next installment. Though the script is not written yet, and J.J. Abrams still doesn't know whether or not he's going to direct it (he told Coming Soon that anyone else directing would "break his heart"), tons of rumors point toward them bringing back Khan as a villain. The original Khan was made famous by Ricardo Montalban, who played the villain in a 1967 episode of Star Trek and the 1982 movie Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.
On that note, ComingSoon claims (via a source) that if Khan were to be a major character in the sequel, Abrams and his crew favor Nestor Carbonell for the role. Those of you who watch Lost will know him as the guy who plays the mysterious Richard Alpert. It's important to keep in mind that there still isn't a script and Khan may not be a character, but if he is, Carbonell may land the gig. And I totally dig that casting choice. You?
Spider-Man 4
And speaking of casting rumors, Rachel McAdams has officially denied having anything to do with Spider-Man 4 (after it was rumored she had tried out for the part of Black Cat), and so now the latest actress to set up shop in Rumorville is Julia Stiles, who UGO claim has met with casting people regarding Spider-Man 4 in New York City.
Stiles, of course, is probably best known for her ass-kicking role opposite Matt Damon in all three Bourne movies, and she'd make a fine addition to the Spider-Man franchise in my opinion. Obviously the powers-that-be are looking at many ladies for the role (here are five of our suggestions), so don't count on any one gal until things become official.
Are you tired of seeing commercials for James Cameron's Avatar, or can you still not get enough of the fantastical visuals? The film arrives in theaters on December 18th, though those Brits from across the pond will get to enjoy the film's world premiere on December 10th. A few other Avatar tidbits:
  • Apparently the film's running time is currently clocking in at around three hours, according to composer James Horner.
  • The soundtrack listing for Avatar has been released and it kinda reveals a few more key plot points in the movie, so read it at your own risk over at The Playlist.
  • The first clip from the film has been released online, and you can watch it right over here. In it, watch Sam Worthington's Avatar runs from some pretty nasty looking monsters.
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