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Spider-Man Reboot to Feature The Lizard as Main Villain

Remember the other day when we told you that Rhys Ifans was cast as the main villain in the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot? Well, apparently it didn’t take long for the villain’s identity to be revealed, as The Wrap claims to have it on good authority that The Lizard will square off against Andrew Garfield’s web slinger when the film arrives in 3D in 2012.
Fans of the franchise will remember that Dylan Baker formerly played the character who was supposed to eventually become The Lizard (he began as Peter Parker’s most trusted professor and mentor), though against the fan’s wishes Sony has re-cast the part and given it to Rhys Ifans, who, admittedly, is the actor more equipped to take on massive amounts of bad-assery.
Do you like The Lizard as the main villain?
Superman May Not Kneel Before Zod
From one villain rumor to the next. When word got out that Zack Snyder was directing the new Superman movie, it was immediately rumored that General Zod would be the villain, having previously popped up in the first two Christopher Reeves-led ‘Superman’ movies. However, while in Europe doing press for’ Legend of the Guardians’, Snyder admitted that the Zod rumor is just that … a rumor, for now. Whether he was being coy and trying to keep things a secret for as long as possible remains to be seen, but regardless feel free to start tossing your ideas for Superman’s next villain into the comments below. After all, you never know who’s reading …
Batman Villain Narrowed Down to Killer Croc and The Riddler
We told you yesterday that Tom Hardy has been cast in an unspecified lead role in Christopher Nolan’s next ‘Batman’ movie, though at the time we didn’t know what role that would be. We all assumed it would be that of the film’s main villain, and as of now folks are split on whether he’s playing Killer Croc or The Riddler. My money is on a darker version of The Riddler; one who’s a little less jokey than Jim Carrey’s version in ‘Batman Forever’. Someone big and strong who means business -- someone … like Tom Hardy?
Do you have a particular Batman villain that you’re just dying to see on screen? Let us know who that is down below …



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