Fanboy Fix: 'New Moon' Spoiler Pics, Seth Rogen is an Alien and the Geeky '77' Movie Trailer

I had every intention of talking about something non-Twilight related for today's Fanboy Fix, but these brand spanking new New Moon spoiler photos just hit the net and I know you folks (especially those Pattinson Pervs in our audience) would love to check them out.

The photos come to us via Lainey Gossip, and they look to be filming a spoilerific scene toward the end of New Moon where (spoilers ahead) Edward attempts suicide by running into a crowd and exposing himself to the sun. Of course Bella (Kristen Stewart) is right there to say “No, I love you and want to have, like, ten thousand of your vampire babies!” … or something like that. Head on over to Lainey Gossip to check out more photos from the shoot.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits theaters on November 20.

Seth Rogen Reteams with 'Superbad' Director for Alien Movie

What is about aliens and Seth Rogen? Dude voiced that blue blob-like thing in Monsters vs. Aliens, and now he's signed on to voice another alien in the Greg Mattola-directed Paul, which is quickly shaping up to be my new most anticipated movie. Variety tells us that joining Rogen in the film are Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Jane Lynch.

If that cast doesn't sound awesome, then know that the movie also stars (and was written by) the hilarious British combo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). In the film, Pegg and Frost play a couple of sci-fi geeks who take a road trip to Area 51 and actually discover a real-life alien. Rogen will voice that alien. Paul is due in theaters sometime next year.

'77' Looks To Bring Out The Geek in All of Us

It's been 32 years since Star Wars debuted in theaters, and one indie film looks to recreate the essence of what it was like for movie-loving teens during that period. Starring John Francis Daley (Freaks and Geeks), '77 follows a hardcore movie geek who's desperate to finish his first low-low-budget film, and in the process becomes the first big fan of a little movie called Star Wars.

The trailer, which you can now watch on YouTube, definitely has some really great moments of geekery and has a ball incorporating late '70s fandom into it all. Seems like the perfect film to come at a time when being a geek is, well, chic, and should remind you younger fans that, yes, you existed a long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away.

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