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Fanboy Fix: 'Iron Man 3,' 'Ghost Rider 2' and 'Ant-Man'

Iron Man 3

'Iron Man 2'

Though Iron Man 2 is poised to earn a whole boatload of money at the box office when it hits theaters on May 7th, don't go expecting a third Iron Man film to begin production right away. Speaking to Superhero Hype, Jon Favreau said that his work directing Cowboys & Aliens – as well as being an executive producer on The Avengers – will keep him away from anything related to Iron Man through at least 2012. That, my friends, means we won't be seeing Iron Man hit the big screen again until 2013, at the earliest. That said, Iron Man (the character) will return in at least The Avengers, so you'll still be able to watch the superhero in action, just not as part of his own solo effort.
How many of you are going to see Iron Man 2 the day it opens?
Ghost Rider 2
We've known for awhile that a Ghost Rider 2 was possible, but now it's decision-making time as Columbia will lose the rights to make a Ghost Rider movie if they don't put the sequel into production by November 14th. Since Marvel would love to have control of this character again, any chance of them extending that deadline is pretty much non-existent. There's a problem, though, and it rests in the hands of Nicolas Cage, who starred in the original.
See, Cage is going to make a third National Treasure film, and it could be shooting right around the same time as Ghost Rider 2. So, he'll have to decide which film he wants to do more – and if he chooses not to do Ghost Rider 2, then chances are very likely that we'll see a sequel without Cage as anti-hero Johnny Blaze.
Personally, I'd rather Marvel take back control of the character and pump out a proper Ghost Rider movie, but if that's not going to happen, would you still be down for seeing a sequel? And what if Cage doesn't do it – would you still open your wallet for a screening?
Though a lot of us thought we'd see an Ant-Man movie prior to The Avengers, it was a little too much for Marvel to sandwich in. That, plus they wanted Edgar Wright to direct it, but he was way too busy finishing up Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. So, with Wright just about done on that, is there a chance that Ant-Man could finally make his big-screen debut?
Well, yes … we think. Speaking to Marvel chief Kevin Feige, he told Superhero Hype that, yes, they're planning an Ant-Man movie, but it won't arrive in theaters until after The Avengers. If you want my opinion, I bet they'll cast Ant-Man soon so that he can co-star in The Avengers, and then they'll spin him off into his own solo effort right after. But you didn't hear that from me …
Are you interested in an Ant-Man movie?
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