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Fanboy Fix: 'Iron Man 2', 'Transformers 3' and 'Monsters Inc. 2'

 Check Out This New Iron Man 2 Featurette

'Iron Man 2'

Though there's not much more additional new footage to be found (with the exception of a scene between Tony Stark and the film's main villain, Whiplash), those itching for more Iron Man 2 can check out this new international featurette that includes interviews with the cast mixed with footage from the movie, due in theaters on May 7th. Keep in mind, though, that this comes from MSN France, and so a lot of it is in French, but I'm sure that won't stop you hardcore fans from watching it anyway. Check it out right over here.
'Transformers 3' to Go Worldwide Yet Again
Yes, Transformers 3 is coming, and, yes, like Transformers 2, this sucker will be going international. Not much information is known about the third installment except for the fact that director Michael Bay would like to focus more on the characters and less on blowing things up. However, this latest piece of info (revealed on Michael Bay's official website) tells us that they're going to be shooting a couple of really big action scenes in both Chicago and Moscow.
Is 'Monsters Inc. 2' Really Happening?
'Monsters Inc.'
That's what Latino Review claims via one of their ultra secret sources. When director Pete Docter was pressed on whether there'd be a sequel to Monsters Inc. while doing press for Up, the Pixar filmmaker played coy though it was obvious those wheels were already in motion. Now LR says it's a reality, though there's no word on when, exactly, the film would hit theaters.
One thing to keep in mind is that Pixar recently squashed the film Newt (according to reports), which was planned to hit theaters in 2012 (Toy Story 3 is 2010 and Cars 2 is 2011). So, if they somehow managed to finish Monsters Inc. in time to take Newt's 2012 open spot, then we'd have three Pixar sequels in a row (kinda boring if you ask me). It all depends on how long they've secretly been working on it. If nothing has been done yet, then I wouldn't expect it to hit until 2013 or so. Personally, I'd rather an Incredibles sequel, but that's me.
Which Pixar film would you like to see a sequel to?
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