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Fanboy Fix: 'Iron Man 2' Poster, New 'Star Wars' Movie and 'Tron Legacy' Images

'Iron Man 2' Poster Shows Whiplash

Last week we received a pretty kickass poster for Iron Man 2 featuring Iron Man and War Machine standing back-to-back, and now today Paramount has released a brand new poster that shows the film's main villain, Whiplash. Played by Mickey Rourke, Whiplash is a Russian criminal who isn't too fond of Mr. Tony Stark and, as such, decides to go after our hero big time. Tell me you wouldn't want a pair of those badass electric whips at the end of each arm if only for help when traffic is at a standstill.
You can scope out a larger version over on Apple. Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7th.
Is A New 'Star Wars' Movie in the Works?
Probably not, but the fanboy blogs are all up in arms today after Thomas Dolby (co-author of the Howard the Duck theme song) mentioned on his blog that Paul Sebastien from LucasArts was over talking about the Star Wars TV show, movie and online games. Of course, folks went nuts over the inclusion of the word "movie" in there because as far as we know Lucas isn't working on a new movie at this time.
That said, if there is a new movie in the works, it's more than likely one that, like the Clone Wars, is tied into a TV show. So, it could be a live-action film that's tied into the eventual live-action TV show (that would be cool), or it could be another Clone Wars movie. Then again, maybe he didn't mean to say movie and all these peeps are making a big deal out of nothing.
What do you think? And what would you want to see? [via AICN]
'Tron Legacy' Poster and Image
Disney has released a killer new poster and image for the upcoming Tron Legacy, which is a sequel to the sci-fi cult favorite from 1982 about a computer hacker who's abducted and forced into an online matrix where he must participate in gladiatorial games. While it'll take a clever marketing campaign to help attract the audiences who weren't yet born in 1982, the cool graphics and video game element should at least grab their attention. I mean, it grabbed mine.
Are you excited for Tron Legacy? Did you see the original? Do you plan to watch it before the sequel?
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