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Fanboy Fix: 'Iron Man 2,' 'Captain America' and 'The Avengers'

Iron Man 2

With its May 7th release date growing ever closer, some new Iron Man 2 features have arrived online – like this pretty cool TV spot, as well as a video over at Entertainment Tonight that focuses on the bad guys of the sequel. In it, you'll learn a little more about Mickey Rourke's Whiplash character, and then finally we get a larger taste of Sam Rockwell's role as rival industrialist Justin Hammer, a businessman who brings on Whiplash to help him build an army of robots that can destroy Iron Man.
Check out the video below, and scope out some new photos over at Coming Soon. What are you looking forward to seeing most in Iron Man 2?

Captain America: The First Avenger
Samuel L. Jackson
While doing the press rounds for the film Mother and Child, a group of journalists drilled Samuel L. Jackson on all things Marvel, trying to get the actor to give up whatever info he could. One interesting tidbit that we did find out was that Jackson's Nick Fury character will appear in Captain America, but not in Thor. So far Fury has only appeared in Iron Man, but since Jackson is contracted for something like nine films, we'll be seeing him cross over into a bunch of these Marvel flicks – perhaps he'll even get his own film, too.
The Avengers
And speaking of Samuel L. Jackson getting his own film in the Marvel universe, during that same interview Jackson mentioned that The Avengers is his "own starring vehicle for that character, pretty much" – meaning Nick Fury will be front and center instead of popping up for a scene or two like in these other films. Also, Jackson noted that The Avengers will begin production in February, which gives us a little more time to soak up the anticipation before we really begin to get some groovy images of all these characters together in the same scenes.
Which upcoming Marvel movie are you looking forward to most: Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America or The Avengers?
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