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Fanboy Fix: Green Lantern, The Wolverine and Man of Steel

Green LanternNew Head-to-Toe Green Lantern Images

You've seen the extended trailer for Green Lantern that was born out of WonderCon, and now Warner Bros. has released some new Green Lantern promo images that show us Ryan Reynolds in the full Green Lantern suit. One of the more talked-about facts about this suit is that it's been created with computers and is not a practical suit that Reynolds wore during production. While the reasoning behind it makes sense (it's an alien suit that takes over his body, and should look as such), word is still out on how hardcore fans will react once they see the completed movie.

It's fairly safe to assume we're in a "So far, so good" zone in terms of Green Lantern, and I can't be the only one anticipating its June 17th release date. What do you think of the look?
Source Code Director Duncan Jones Meeting About The Wolverine
Not long after Darren Aronofsky dropped out of directing The Wolverine, Source Code director Duncan Jones played a practical joke on fans by wearing around a Wolverine t-shirt, alluding to the fact that he'd taken over for Aronofsky. It was a joke then, but it's no joke now that Jones is meeting with Fox about the gig. While Jones admits he's taking the meeting out of curiosity more than anything else (what he really wants to do next is direct his own script), it's still worth noting that he's one of the directors meeting about the film. It's also likely that Fox will go with a younger director out to prove their worth on a big-budgeted franchise movie than someone more seasoned, especially after the Aronofsky deal fell apart.
Who would you like to see direct The Wolverine?
Michael Shannon Talks Being Cast as General Zod in Man of Steel
While chatting during a Q&A at RiverRun, Michael Shannon let the audience in on what the Man of Steel casting process was like. He compares being approached for the role of General Zod to being on acid, and says Zack Snyder had Shannon read with the new Superman, Henry Cavill, to make sure they had the appropriate amount of chemistry.
Watch the video below for more on how Shannon wound up with the part.
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