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Fanboy Fix: ‘Green Lantern,’ ‘He-Man’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’

Green Lantern Not Wearing a Costume in New Movie?

The other day, some concept art arrived online showing us what Ryan Reynolds might look like all dressed up as The Green Lantern (see image in post). Now, though, some interesting developments have leaked out through Slashfilm, who claim that the actual suit Green Lantern will wear in the film will be constructed entirely out of CG – meaning at no point will Ryan Reynolds actually be wearing a physical green suit on set; instead, they’ll be creating the suit with computers and then inserting it into the finished film.
'Green Lantern'
Slashfilm says, “Remember, the Green Lantern suit is something that should look alien — it needs to seem otherworldly. It encompasses any creature that wears the ring, and Hal Jordan is the first human to ever wear the suit … I’ve heard that when the cg is complete, the suit will look like a manifestation of his power.” Don’t think they’ve ever done this with a lead superhero before (with the exception of Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen), so I’ll be curious to see what the final outcome is. Do you think the suit has the potential to look even cooler if it’s being created entirely with computers?
‘Predators’ Writers Board New ‘He-Man’ Movie
For one reason or another, a new, updated He-Man movie just can’t seem to make it to the big screen. Last year, the much buzzed-about script by Justin Marks called Greyskull was moving swiftly through Hollywood, though Warner Bros. ultimately decided to dump the project after attempting a rewrite with screenwriter Evan Daugherty. Once the studio opted not to revive He-Man, though, Sony threw their ‘80s-loving hands on the table and snatched up Mattel’s property faster than you can say, “Bring back Skeletor!”
Good news for you He-Man fans is that now Sony has gone and hired two writers for a completely new movie, and it’s the team of Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, who also helped do some work on this summer’s Predators. No word on what the story will be about, only that their pitch has convinced the studio that it has the potential to be cinematic and Mattel has given their approval. I’d wager they’re looking at an origin story, complete with all your favorite old school He-Man characters (including Skeletor, we hope).
 ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’ Looks to Replace Orlando Bloom with a Young Unknown Stud
The fourth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been adding cast members left and right to help fill in around star Johnny Depp, main villain Ian McShane and female lead Penelope Cruz. With Orlando Bloom out of the series, though, producers really need a dashing young stud, and so E! Online tells us they’re looking at two guys named Max Irons and Sam Claflin. Neither has any big franchise films like this one under their belt, though Irons is the son of legendary actor Jeremy Irons. Meanwhile, Claflin has enjoyed smaller parts in the recent adaptation of Dorian Gray, as well as Being Julia.
Orlando Bloom being replaced
Funnily enough, both men are also said to be competing for the lead role opposite Amanda Seyfried in Catherine Hardwick’s The Girl With the Red Riding Hood, which is supposed to be a darker adaptation of the classic Red Riding Hood tale. So who are these two dudes, and why does everyone all of a sudden want to cast them in these big films? Beats me, but there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.
Who would you rather star in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: Max Irons or Sam Claflin?
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