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Fanboy Fix: Batman Live Show, ‘Man of Steel,’ and ‘The Hobbit’

First Images from Batman’s New Live Show

Batman Live Show

We’re already well aware of the woes facing that doomed-from-the-start Spider-Man Broadway musical. But while they try to repair it for a re-launch in June, another superhero looks to be getting his time on stage as well. Batman Live is different from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in that it’s an arena show designed to take us on an action-packed ride through Batman’s entire history. The show, which premieres this July in England, features characters like The Joker, Catwoman, Robin, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Penguin and more, and at first glance it immediately recalls the somewhat campy look of Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies. Even so, this still looks more entertaining than Spider-Man. Check out more photos at Slashfilm and let us know what you think.
Diane Lane Talks ‘Man of Steel,’ Alludes to an Origin Story
Up until this point we weren’t sure if Man of Steel would be yet another Superman origin story, or if they’d simply pick up this particular story somewhere in the middle, assuming we already know all about Krypton, Supes’ arrival on earth, blah blah. Well, we may be starting to get some answers as Diane Lane recently fessed up to the fact that we’ll be seeing "the entire range of years, from infancy on," with Latino Review adding that the film will begin on Krypton, essentially confirming the rumors that, yes, this will tell Superman’s origin story in some capacity. How long that set-up will be and how much of the movie it will take up, we do not know. 
LR also claims Superman’s birth parents (Jor-El and Lara) will both be featured, that Daniel Day-Lewis was being looked at for the role of Jor-El, and that instead of Ursa assisting Zod, it will be Faora Hu-Ui, the character Ursa was based on in Superman II. So, yeah, it looks like we’re getting another origin story, which I don’t mind so long as they keep it fresh and put their own unique spin on it. Thoughts?
Watch Peter Jackson Host the First ‘Hobbit’ Video Blog
Fans who’ve been waiting years to finally see The Hobbit begin production will absolutely fall in love with this first video blog from the production, hosted by the film’s director Peter Jackson. In the video, Jackson shows us around some of the sets while the film winds down the final days of pre-production, culminating in a warm, intimate ceremony welcoming the production to New Zealand. Lord of the Rings fans will devour this with giant smiles (and probably a few tears), and it’s near impossible to walk away from this and not look forward to a return to Middle Earth. Watch it below.

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