‘Expendables 2’ Moves Forward Without Stallone Directing

Sylvester Stallone has made it known that he’s had an idea for a sequel to The Expendables for quite awhile now, even before the first one was released. And considering the fact that the ‘80s throwback action flick scored big at the box office ($275 million worldwide), you bet they’re already hard at work on part two. However, as the LA Times points out, Stallone has decided not to direct this time around.

The Expendables

That doesn’t mean he won’t star – he’s just not stepping behind the camera as well, which shouldn’t matter all too much since Stallone is known more for his ass-kicking than his directorial style. The big question as this sequel gears up, though, is whether Arnold Schwarzenegger will join the cast in a larger capacity. Stallone has already said that he wants Bruce Willis to potentially play a super villain, and considering Arnold threw in a cameo in the first film while he was still Governor of California, we assume Stallone is trying real hard to convince the action icon to star alongside him in part two – which, if it happens, will make for one ticket too irresistible to pass up, even if these guys are past their prime.
Are you stoked for an Expendables sequel? Do you think Arnold should co-star, and are there any other action stars Stallone should add to the mix?
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