Exclusive: Watch the First Four Minutes of 'Warm Bodies'

Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult in Warm BodiesWarm Bodies looks to be the next promising comedy for our zombie-obsessed culture, and we've got the first four minutes of the film for you to feast your eyes on. Nicholas Hoult – the British actor we're beginning to see crop up in more and more films, including next year's Jack the Giant Killer and a forthcoming X-Men movie – stars as a highly unusual zombie named R.

R isn't the typical flesh-eating corpse. He does eat humans – there's no denying that – but he has a bit of a conscience and a comical awareness of his undead nature. The beginning of the film introduces us to R's lonely existence as he shuffles through the airport and provides witty observations of other zombies and "bonies," which look like scarier skeletal zombies. We also witness him grunt, stare and manage a one-word exchange (as exciting as zombie conversations come) with his best living-dead friend (Rob Corddry). R's eagerness for human connection later comes into play when he meets Julie (Teresa Palmer), a human survivor with heart-starting beauty.

50/50 director Jonathan Levine brings his comedic chops to Warm Bodies' dire situation, adapting Isaac Marion's novel of the same name for a lighthearted story akin to Zombieland.

The film shuffles into theaters Feb. 1, 2013, two weeks before Valentine's Day. Check out the first four minutes for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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