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Exclusive Comic-Con Debut: 'Haywire' Poster Premiere!

That's right! Just in time for Comic-Con, the kind folks over at Relativity Films have given us an exclusive poster premiere for Haywire. The film is the latest from acclaimed director, Steven Soderbergh, and stars newcomer and MMA fighting champion Gina Carano.

Director Steven Soderbergh also wanted to provide a personal quote on the Haywire poster and specifically the acclaimed designer Neil Kellerhouse ( Here’s the quote from Soderbergh...

"When we were working on BUBBLE, I wanted to make sure we came up with a one-sheet that was…well, as odd as the movie. Or as 'distinctive.' Whatever. So I was looking at some of the Criterion Collection dvds which had really striking artwork, and I called Kim Hendrickson and asked who did the design for the titles I thought were particularly cool. She said, oh, those were done by Neil Kellerhouse. So Neil did BUBBLE for us, then THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE and THE INFORMANT!, and in the mean time I turned him on to David Fincher, and Neil did THE SOCIAL NETWORK and is now working on DRAGON TATTOO, in addition to working on HAYWIRE and CONTAGION. Busy guy. The only problem with Neil is that he generates too much good stuff; the images that end up being discarded are often every bit as good as the final choice. Repeatedly I’ve begged the distributor to come up with a way to post Neil’s 'kills' online as a way of rewarding fans of the films and creating chatter and buzz and shit. They’ve always said, yeah, yeah, that would be cool, but they’ve never done it. And they won’t unless a lot of you ask them to. So get involved if you want to see more cool stuff from Neil. But until then, check out this teaser for HAYWIRE…"

'Haywire' Poster Premiere

So Soderbergh fans, what do you think? Like the poster? Want to see the movie? Are you a Gina Carano/MMA fan? Check here for complete Haywire photos, videos, showtimes and tickets.

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