'Escape Plan' Trailer: 9 Best Punch Lines As Stallone and Schwarzenegger Break Out of Jail

If The Expendables franchise had you hungry for more of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenneger kicking butt, then Escape Plan is just for you.

IGN dropped the first trailer for the film starring the action stars and if we're pairing these guys together, you know there's going to be plenty of punchlines (pun intended).

First, watch the trailer, then, revisit the all the one-liners spoken by the action duo in the stills below.

"A successful breakout depends on three things – knowing the layout, understanding the routine and help, from outside or in."

"Back away."

Arnold: "You don't look that smart." Stallone: "You don't either."

"You have a choice – you can die in here or you can get out and punish whoever put you here."

"I'm gonna find out who and I'm gonna find out why."

"Let's do it!"

[Stallone punches Arnold] "You hit like a vegetarian… [Stallone punches Arnold again] That was good."

Arnold: "If I don't get out, I kill you." Stallone: "Fair enough."

"You tell whoever put me here, I'm gonna burn this place to the ground."

You can catch these one-liners and more when Escape Plan hits theaters October 19.


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