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Epic X-Men Movie Moments

Epic X-Men Movie Moments

It's hard to believe there have been six X-Men movies so far. With a seventh film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, on the way, now's a better time than ever to revisit some of the long-running series' best moments.


X-Men - Slippery Toad

While Wolverine fights himself (or Mystique, anyway), everyone seems to get their chance to wrestle with Toad. Storm ends up taking him out, but he definitely doesn't make it easy.



X2: X-Men United - Nightcrawler's White House Attack

X-Men proved comic book movies could be both good and successful, but this opening scene showed what they could really do. Nightcrawler's attack remains a classic to this day.


X2: X-Men United - Magneto's Jailbreak

Cinema has presented a great number of inventive jailbreaks, but none quite as ingenious and awesome as Magneto's gory emancipation from his plastic prison.


X2: X-Men United - Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike

We all want to see Wolverine go into battle without holding anything back. And that's exactly what happens when he comes up against a similarly powered Lady Deathstrike. The two must stab each other at least a million times.


X-Men: The Last Stand - Final Battle

More than any other X-Men movie, The Last Stand goes absolutely all out when it comes to its big finale. So many mutants doing so many crazy awesome mutant things! It's incredible.



X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Wolverine vs. Sabertooth

Wolverine's first solo outing may have had his name on the title, but the film totally belongs to Liev Schreiber's delightfully sinister Sabertooth. He's just having so much fun beating on poor Wolverine.



X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Wolverine Meets Gambit

Everyone loves Gambit. So it was a nice surprise to find our favorite cajun heartthrob appearing halfway through the film to shoot Wolverine with a deck of cards.


X-Men: First Class - Wolverine's Cameo

This brief cameo from Wolverine may be crude when it comes to language, but it's also probably the coolest thing the character ever got away with on the big screen.


X-Men: First Class - The Training Montage

Training montages are the best. You get to understand each character's powers and watch them develop at the same time. Plus, they always leave audiences feeling pumped up and ready for action.



X-Men: First Class - Magneto Goes Bad

This is it, the moment when Magneto finally lets loose his hatred for humanity and declares war. It's also the moment when Xavier loses the use of his legs. It doesn't get much more important than this.


The Wolverine - Atomic Bomb

We've seen Wolverine walk away from all kinds of damage. But even with all that, it's still pretty amazing to see him withstand a blast from an atomic bomb.



The Wolverine - Train Fight

Wolverine fighting the Yakuza would be cool enough. Wolverine fighting the Yakuza on top of a raging bullet train takes it to a whole new level and gives The Wolverine its most dynamic action scene.

-- Evan Saathoff

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