End of Week Recap: 'Hangover' Stars Get Major Pay Raise for Third Film, Stephenie Meyers' 'The Host' Casts Villain & More


Hangover stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are closing in on some major pay increases. The trio are asking for $15 million each to reprise their roles in a third Hangover movie.
HBO has signed Ben Stiller to direct, star and produce a comedy series scheduled to begin production this fall. The show revolves around a Jewish family in Washington D.C. Alan Alda is in negotiations to co-star.
Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Reynolds will star in the indie production Big Eyes. They will play Margaret and Walter Keane, a real-life couple whose pictures of children with large eyes in the '50s and '60s gained worldwide notoriety. The couple later experienced marital and legal troubles. The film shoots this spring.
Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will play a couple who are demonologists and psychic investigators facing the most horrifying case in their career. The film will be directed by James Wan (Insidious).
Diane Kruger is set to join the cast of The Host, a sci-fi film based on the novel by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Kruger would play a villain named The Seeker. The film is being directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time) and set to arrive in theaters March 2013. Amazon also has a preview of the book up if you haven't read it and you're curious what the first couple chapters and the epilogue are like.
The Weinstein Company and Relativity Media have agreed on a private settlement which will see both companies moving forward with a planned remake of The Crow. F. Javier Gutierrez has signed on to direct the adaptation. The Spaniard is best known for the 2008 award winner Before the Fall.
Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulous (Eternity and a Day) died from complications of a road accident. Angelopoulous suffered serious head injuries after being struck by a motorcycle while walking across a road near a movie set in Athens. He was 76.
Lily Collins has dropped out of the Evil Dead remake due to scheduling issues. Javier Bardem has dropped out of voicing the villain role in Despicable Me 2 and Demi Moore was replaced with Sarah Jessica Parker in Lovelace.
We'll see how Chronicle does at the box office next week, but Fox has their eye on director Josh Trank as the front-running candidate to direct their reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise.
Thanks to its Oscar nomination in the best animated feature field, Rango will return to theaters for one week at Arclight Hollywood. Also, if you miss The Grey over the next few weekends, don't fret. Director Joe Carnahan says the movie will return to theaters in October to qualify for the Oscars.
For action fans who were bummed that Chuck Norris forced The Expendables 2 to be downgraded to the commercial friendly PG-13 rating, take heart that Megan Ellison, owner of Annapurna Pictures, has guaranteed Terminator 5 will be rated R. The fourth film in the franchise Terminator Salvation was the first to dip into the PG-13 territory.
Emma Roberts and Craig Roberts, no relation, have signed on for the upcoming drama I Am My Family Secret. Now if only they can get Julia, Eric and Doris Roberts to join the cast…
Neil McDonaugh says that Captain America 2 will shoot at the end of the year and hopes that a Nick Fury movie will follow.
For those who didn't know, Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle is serving as the artistic director for this summer's Olympic Games in London. He divulged some details on what the opening ceremony would entail, including the largest cast bell in Europe.
Apparently an Ong Bak video game is in the process of being made and is based on a yet to be announced sequel. The game will be a 3D side-scrolling action game which star Tony Jaa is involved in creating.
The net was abuzz Tuesday morning and it wasn't just because of the Oscar nominations. Word leaked out that there might be a major Marvel cameo in the upcoming Avengers movie and we're not talking about Stan Lee. Was it a mistake or is it legit?
From Lady and the Tramp to Silence of the Lambs, Film.com lists the best uses of food in film.
Jay Leno is being sued by a man who runs a Punjabi religious organization for a joke he cracked about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
Kim Kardashian has donated $50,000 to the Trevor Project, a non-profit suicide prevention organization for gay, bisexual and transgender youth. Her donation is among the largest in the organization's history.
Should've seen this one coming a mile away. ABC, which is owned by Disney, has green-lit a live-action drama version of Beauty and the Beast.
Entertainment industry deaths this week: Frank Cooper, 99; Bradshaw Smith, 57; Beverly McDermott, 83; Howard Rothberg, 72; Bingham Ray, 57; Charla Krupp, 58; John Levy, 99; James Farentino, 73; Dick Tufeld, 85; Nicol Williamson, 75; Robert Hegyes, 60; Eiko Ishioka, 73, George Zecevic, 75; Joaquin Martinez, 81; Etta James, 73.
Pics and Posters
New posters for Red Lights, The Last Elvis, The Raven, Sundance films Brake, Price Check, Pursuit of Loneliness and Imposter, Seeking Justice, The Hunter, 28 Hotel Rooms, After Fall Winter, French posters for The Grey and The Woman in Black, pregnant women from What to Expect When You're Expecting, Japanese John Carter, UK poster for This Means War and the UK quad posters for Carnage, The Woman in Black and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Click on select posters for larger versions.
Here's a first look at James McAvoy in Welcome to the Punch
AMC will be giving away these special limited edition Darth Maul 3D glasses for patrons who purchase an opening day ticket for Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
A new image from Snow White and the Huntsman finds Kristen Stewart dazed.
The Avengers have released five new images including the one here. Check out the rest of them.
NextMovie presents the best picture Oscar nominee posters re-cast with dogs. Weirdness ensues.
Batman has landed.
Graffiti that you wouldn't want to run into late at night.
The cast of TV's Community re-imagined as X-Men characters
Two Emmas.
Miranda Kerr as Wonder Woman. Hmmm... (Click image for a larger version)
The Big Lebowski fans, now you can buy The Dude sweater. Wig is optional.
The Artist e-card humor
There's plenty of Harry Potter cakes out there. Make way for a Hunger Games cake…
MTV Crush has gathered a bunch of tattoos from Oscar winning movies including The Godfather.
 Videos and Trailers
The Grey Cast Interviews

Man on a Ledge Cast Interviews

Welcome to Megan Fox Island…

All the James Bond movie intros at the same time. Watch it in full-screen mode, unless you like to squint.

Young Child thinks Volkswagon is Herbie

Watch a clip from the new Blade anime series.

The Artist Blooper Reel is silent but hilarious.

Relativity Media has released a new featurette for their Snow White comedy Mirror Mirror.

Nicolas Cage reminds us why we shouldn't get involved with shady vigilante organizations in the new Seeking Justice trailer.

Yahoo premiered the theatrical trailer to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island with a pec-poppin' intro from Dwyane Johnson.

Robin Williams, complete with a glorious gray beard,  stopped by Sesame Street to teach the Two-Headed Monster the word "conflict."

Every Doctor Who episode from 1963 to Now.

You may have caught the international trailer last month under the title MS-One: Maximum Security. Here, we get the domestic version under the title Lockout. The movie is in theaters April 20.

Best foreign picture nominee Bullhead gets an international trailer. Be sure to check back next week when Drafthouse Films releases the domestic poster and trailer.

It's very rare to see Jet Li in a non-action movie role, but here he stars in Ocean Heaven, which finally gets its U.S. release sometime this year. The movie premiered in China in 2010.

Elizabeth Banks offers up some trailer commentary for Man on a Ledge, admitting that she would still like to tap that "schwanky" fine bottle of wine otherwise known as Ed Harris.

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