'End of Watch' Interview: Michael Peña Talks 'Brutal' Leg Kicks and Fighting with a Busted Nose

David Ayer's End of Watch opens in theaters this weekend. When Ayer and star Michael Peña attended San Diego Comic-Con in July, we had a chance to chat with them on the red carpet. Here are five things we learned about the movie.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal and Peña trained in boxing and mixed martial arts for four months, sparring three times a week. "I wanted to beat these guys up in preparation," Ayer said. Peña adds "Kicks to the legs, they're not very cool. They're brutal."

2. That been said, Ayer wants to see Peña fight Mark Wahlberg, who underwent intense training for his role in The Fighter. Peña immediately shot that idea down saying, "Wahlberg's a beast!"

3. During rehearsal for a fight scene, Peña busted his nose. Ayer adds that the guy who Peña fought had a broken hand. "We did rehearsal in the East L.A. LAPD boxing gym. I just said, 'OK guys, fight.' And they fought. It was good."

4. True to Ayer's filmmaking style, he wanted to set his characters "in the real world." He adds, "Some days, we weren't sure where the set began and ended, where the hood started. It was a little mixed up."

5. There's a little bleed over of real gangsters from the neighborhood in the film. "I'm all about the reality. I grew up in that neighborhood, so it was pretty easy to put together."

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