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Elijah Wood Says 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy to Be Converted to 3D

It's no secret that converting classic movies into 3D is the "in" thing in Hollywood. So sufficed to say it was only a matter of time before The Lord of the Rings trilogy underwent 3D enhancement.

Elijah Wood, who played the lead character, Frodo Baggins in the trilogy dropped word via Den of Geek that producers are actively talking about converting the entire trilogy into 3D for new theatrical releases.
"I think it would be cool to see. There's talk of releasing a dimensionalized trilogy eventually. I'm okay with doing post-process 3D, as long as someone takes the time. What I'm upset about is when a movie doesn't have the budget and the time to devote to it and they're not fine-tuning the detail of that, because it can look really bad and cheap. But I know they wouldn't dimensionalize it unless it was a super meticulous process."
Wood went on to vent his frustration about Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace being re-released in 3D.
"We have to wait three years to get to the f***ing good s**t, it's unbelieveable, I'm like, we have to wait three years for that?! You're doing Episode I first?! [frustrated squeal] What a bummer!"
Speaking of Rings, Wood talked about his cameo appearance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and how he got back into character as Frodo.
"Before we started, I watched Fellowship again, just to remember the way that he spoke. Outside of that it was revisiting something I'd spend a better part of four years playing, and it was just a joy. It felt like a giant family reunion in a way. The weirdest this was being on set, looking down at my feet and it just feeling oddly normal, like, 'Here we are, doing another scene at Bag End, 10 years later."
The Hobbit continues filming and the first part is due in theaters December 14, 2012. In the meanwhile, would you be willing to check out a 3D version of the Rings trilogy?


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