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Edward Wins! How the 'Twilight' Character Stacks Up Against Cinema's Fantasy Men

If movies are successful at one thing, it’s educating women on what qualities our future husbands should embody. Our movie crush sets the impossible standard real men are expected to live up to. The latest is Edward Cullen who, millions of Twilight fans will tell you, is the Perfect Boyfriend. With Friday’s release of Breaking Dawn Part 1, Edward now apparently makes the Perfect Husband in the minds of impressionable girls. And their moms.  

“Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer admits she wrote the first book for her own entertainment. In doing so, she created a man with all the characteristics women stereotypically long for: brave, brooding, mysterious, wise, romantic, decisive, sexy, into commitment, and really, REALLY into his woman.
The pursuit of an “Edward” will be messing with women’s minds and relationships for years to come, but this isn’t the first time women have fallen in love with a concept instead of an actual person. So, let’s put it in context. How does Twilight’s sexiest vampire stack up against cinema’s other fantasy men?
Noah Calhoun, The Notebook. Noah’s love, dedication and commitment to Allie withstands time, memory, and his misperception that she blew him off. Noah fights for his country, makes furniture with his bare hands, and liplocks in the rain! Irresistable! While it’s clear no one holds Noah’s heart except for Allie, years after their breakup Noah does take care of his “needs” by hooking up with a local woman.
Verdict: Edward wins! Edward is a one-woman man, even when the one woman is hanging out with a studly werewolf.
Jim Stark, Rebel Without a Cause. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward seems to be deeply inspired by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, down to the moodiness and pompadour. Jim can go toe-to-toe with Edward when it comes to the brooding and dangerous appeal that can only come from a bad boy-who-is-just-mixed-up inside.
Verdict: Edward wins! Jim seems more interested in how Judy can quell his self-loathing with her love than truly being in love with her.
Westley, The Princess BrideWomen love to be right and Westley’s attitude of putting Buttercup first with his catchphrase “as you wish” is the ultimate turn-on. Both Edward and Westley are “bad boys” turned good – Edward the vegetarian vampire and Westley the Dread Pirate Roberts who lets his predecessor’s bad reputation do the pillaging. Westley is a dashing, daring, fearless swashbuckler who comes back to life just to fight for the woman he loves. On the other hand, Edward brings the woman he loves back to life (or at least undead).
Verdict: Westley wins! It’s a close but Westley wins on a technicality: Buttercup doesn’t have to give birth to a vampire baby.
Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles. The hunky senior shares several traits with Edward – quiet, mysterious, good looking. Jake notices sophomore Samantha Baker only after he reads a Sex Questionnaire which states that she would give up her virginity to him. So, Jake’s sweet attraction for Sam is really sexually motivated. Makes one wonder what kind of pressure Sam faced following the birthday cake kiss in an empty house. On the other hand, Edward believes in staying a virgin until marriage. Also, Edward would not put his drunken girlfriend in peril by forcing her to get into a car with an unlicensed, inexperienced driver who takes advantage of her. 
Verdict: Edward wins! Not even close.
Prince Charming, Cinderella: Prince Charming saves Cinderella from housework and her bad-attitude relatives after pursuing her with a nationwide door-to-door search. But, a guy who decides he’s in love after one dance? By today’s standards, Charming’s obsession to hunt down Cindy is borderline stalker. 
Verdict: Tie! Edward is quite the stalker himself, using his vampire stealth to sneak into Bella’s room and watch her sleep.
Jack Dawson, Titanic:Jack is just as much of a gentleman and Renaissance man as Edward, keeping his composure as he draws a portrait of Rose wearing only a necklace. Like Edward and Bella, Jack and Rose are the “forbidden” side of a love triangle. Jack handles his jealousy with confidence while Edward gets a bit controlling, going so far as to disable Bella’s car so she can’t go see Jacob. In fact, Jack doesn’t eavesdrop or sneak into Rose’s room either.
Verdict: Jack Dawson wins! Edward took steps to end his life because he thought life wasn’t worth living without Bella, but Jack gave up his life so Rose could live – it doesn’t get more romantic than that.
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