Ed Norton as 'Bourne' Villain and Josh Brolin for Spike Lee’s 'Oldboy' Adaptation?

Ed Norton as 'Bourne' Villain?

Variety broke word yesterday that Edward Norton was in talks to play the lead villain in the upcoming Matt Damon-less Bourne movie. Jeremy Renner is already signed as the replacement while Rachel Weisz has signed on as the female lead.
The collection of high-profile names is a bit of a departure for the Bourne franchise. In the previous three films, Universal was content to let the movies be Damon action vehicles. It seems this fourth version is set to be a major ensemble piece. Norton hasn’t played the villain in many movies. In fact, 2003’s The Italian Job is the last time the actor took on a purely villainous role. Certainly a capable actor, do you think Norton is fit to play bad guy opposite Renner?
Spike Lee Eyes Josh Brolin for 'Old Boy' Adaptation
While Spike Lee was recently confirmed as the director for the American adaptation of Chan-wook Park’s 2003 Korean dramatic thriller Oldboy (itself an adaptation of Nobuaki Minegishi’s Japanese manga series), talk has now turned on who will play the lead role. The usual group of former Spike Lee actors cropped up at first, but Twitch is reporting that Mandate Pictures has named Josh Brolin as their top choice for the role. Choi Min-Sik played the lead in the original version to haunting perfection, so whoever Lee and the studio end up agreeing on will have to possess an undeniable physical presence on-screen as well as be one hell of an actor. Who do you think should fill Min-Sik’s shoes? Check out the trailer below for the original Korean version and then name names below.

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