DVD of the Week: 'The Godfather' Trilogy on Blu-ray

For movie buffs, it doesn't get much better than The Godfather trilogy. And true movie buffs will want to head out Right Now to get themselves a high def setup for this week's epic release, The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration on Blu-ray, because isn't getting the best picture available for the best movies ever made what it's all about? The films themselves need no explanation--Francis Ford Coppola's saga about an infamous mob family headed by Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) and his son Michael's (Al Pacino) rise to power remains infinitely, compellingly watchable, even at three hours per film.


Your collection probably already boasts these DVDs, but the standard def versions released seven years ago can't hold a candle to these new transfers. You'll first notice that the film isn't letterboxed but fills up the entire screen without black bars or cutting anything off. Brand-new prints were created from the original negatives and restored frame-by-frame and the result in detail, clarity and color; while of course not perfect (it still looks like a '70s movie because it was one), are impressive.

Extras: As befitting these epic-length films, the new collection includes the original few hours of extras (in a section called "2001 DVD Archive") but even more new featurettes in HD on top of that. Noteworthy among them: "The Masterpiece That Almost Wasn't," a fascinating look at the effort put into geting the film made; "Emulsional Rescue: Revealing 'The Godfather,'" the enormous work it took to restore the films from supposedly lost negatives; "...And When the Shooting Stopped," which reveals how the crew struggled to get the film made to Coppola's specs, even as he fought with the studio, with examination of key scenes (like that horse head - gruesome even by today's standards!). Watch all the extras and listen to the director commentary, and you'll be a Godfather historian.

Overview: HD equipped? Cook up some spaghetti and grab a nice chianti, and settle in for a few hours of classic Hollywood brilliance.

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