DVD of the Week: 'Terminator 2 Skynet Collectors Edition'

In case you weren't aware, a little movie called Terminator: Salvation opens this Friday, and you've only got a few days to prepare for this 4th installment of the franchise. What better way to refresh your memory of it, then, than in high-style high def?


This limited edition 6-disc set includes T2 on Blu-ray plus previously released editions that together comprise every DVD extra ever released, all packaged in this super-freaking-awesome 14-inch T-800 "endoskull" bust with glowing eyes that plays sound effects from the movie. The BD also has some 8 hours of interactive and BD Live content. Dig in! Those who would forgo the endoskull action (at about 120 bucks, it's for pretty serious collectors) can still pick up the T2 Blu-ray, also new out today.

Been awhile? This exclusive clip will remind you how great this movie is.

And if you still haven't gotten enough Arnold, the Arnold Schwarzenegger DVD Collection is out today too, including Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Total Recall, The Running Man and Red Heat.

Also new this week:

My Bloody Valentine 3D The remake of the horror classic slashes its way into stores in both 3-and 2-D versions, complete with four sets of glasses. The effects don't replicate at home as well as in theaters, but they've come pretty darn far since the old days, and you'll find yourself ducking for cover from flying pickaxes on your own couch.
Valkyrie Tom Cruise stars as a German Resistance leader who masterminded an ultimately unsuccessful plan to kill Hitler and overthrow his regime in this tense, gripping political thriller.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop An endearing Kevin James stars as a goofily loveable mall security guard who dreams of being a real state trooper and unexpectedly gets a chance to be a real hero.

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