DVD of the Week: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' -- Go Where You've Gone Before

When Star Trek came out in 2009, fans held their breath--could J.J. Abrams, previously the director of Mission: Impossible III, take on one of the most venerated franchises in movie history and make it his own? As we know, he did that and more, bringing a fresh take on old favorites and earning legions of new fans in the process -- but setting a high bar for the sequel.

J.J. Abrams--smashing through one franchise at a time

Star Trek Into Darkness does't necessarily live up to that juggernaut, but it was definitely one of summer's most entertaining blockbusters and absolutely worth your time watching again at home. The story, if you missed it in theaters back in May, is a little confusing but the gist is that a terrorist (Benedict Cumberbatch) hiding within the ranks bombs a Starfleet facility, and an overzealous admiral (Peter Weller) sends the always rebellious Kirk to face down the enemy. Action, banter and, yes, even more lens flares, ensue.

Despite some clunky lines, Cumberbatch makes a fine foe for Kirk and co. The best part of the movie is the back-and-forth between the crew, plus Abrams throws in plenty of references for Trekkies. All in all, its a pretty good sequel. One note: if 3D tends to make you feel a little woozy, skip the 3D at home--it adds a layer of distraction on top of the bright shiny flare-y stuff going on on-screen. Extras: Featurettes on creating the red planet seen in the opening sequence (did you know all those aliens were just one guy?), the attack on Starfleet HQ, the Klingons of a new generation, keeping the film's villain a secret, space jumping, and the final climax.

Tell us: did you love Into Darkness so much you'll watch at home? In 3D?

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