DVD of the Week: ‘Paranormal Activity,’ Plus: ‘9’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’

Though it was Blair Witch-derivative and its slooow build either drove you crazy from fright or out of frustration, Paranormal Activity redeems itself in the final third with some truly hair-raising scares that’ll leave you wondering what that noise is you just heard.

Made on a shoestring budget, it follows a twentysomething couple whose house apparently is being haunted, as they attempt to catch the strange goings-on at night with a camcorder set up in the bedroom while they sleep. It turns out the scariest of all is what you don’t see. Extras: Alternate ending not seen in theaters, digital copy (BD only)
9 Who says animation can’t be for adults too? This melancholy tale featuring sad-faced, stitched-together puppets trying to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world isn’t original (they’re battling against evil machines that once worked for humans but then took over—hum, where’ve we seen that before?) but these little guys and the movie’s fantastic graphics compel you to watch. Beware, not for kids. Best extra: The original 9 short film.
Jennifer’s Body Sure, it had Megan Fox, but what bad movie didn’t last year? Not even screenwriter Diablo Cody’s cachet (or a much-publicized kiss between Fox and costar Amanda Seyfried) could save this poorly written, badly acted dud about a girl turned into a monster who takes revenge on her classmates.
A Perfect Getaway Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn embark on a magical honeymoon that turns out to be anything but this movie’s title, when hiking in Hawaii leads to horrific discoveries.  


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