DVD of the Week: 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.' Also New: 'Shame'

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol A lot of folks counted Tom Cruise out, his best days long behind him. That was until this film, which cranks the action up to 11 thanks to some adroit direction by animation expert Brad Bird, who more than proves his skill making his debut with live action. Cruise, who did much of his own stunt work, literally hangs off skyscrapers, outruns sandstorms, fights off the baddies and saves the world on the way to clearing his name with help from cohorts played by the always funny Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton. And even though the simple plot seems straight out of 1990 (the Cold War ended 20 years ago but this movie gives us a villain bent on stealing atomic codes to start a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia--really?), who cares--the gadgets are cool, and you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat throughout most of the thing anyway. Extras: Featurettes on the sandstorm and the props, deleted scenes with Brad Bird commentary (DVD); a 2-disc combo BD/DVD pack adds featurettes on filming in Dubai and Vancouver; a 3-disc BD/DVD combo adds 10 more featurettes.

Shame One of last year's most-talked about films hits shelves starring the ubiquitous Michael Fassbender as a New York sex addict who keeps his life in strict order: he's noncommittal, cool, mostly friendless, and only involved with women insofar as they can satisfy his proclivities. When his sister (Carey Mulligan) shows up hoping to crash at his place, the boat is tipped--she has her own problems, and these siblings don't mix. Fassbender turns in an excellent performance, but in the end you're left wanting to ask artist turned director Steve McQueen what the point of it all is. Extras: Featurettes on Fassbender, Mcqueen, the story, and "A Shared Vision" (DVD/BD combo pack)

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