DVD of the Week: Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D

Of Brendan Fraser's two releases last summer, better by far was Journey to the Center of the Earth, the latest take on Jules Verne's classic adventure tale. In it, he stars as disheartened scientist Trevor Anderson, who brings his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) along on a wild goose chase to find his long-lost brother in remote Iceland -- but in their search they wind up lost in a strange underground world with their mountain guide (Anita Briem).


OK, it's juvenile, silly and more than a bit suspend-your-disbelief, but Fraser proves why he's a bankable action star and with his co-stars, takes you on a wild, fast-paced ride. The groundbreaking effects are stellar, and since this is definitely family-friendly fare, four pairs of 3D glasses are included. Try them on for size -- if you don't get a headache, it's kitschy fun to watch the mystical underworld pop and fly out at you from your TV screen. Both 2D and 3D versions (standard and Blu-ray) are included; either way, this Journey is one worth taking.

Extras: "A World within a World" featurette on "hollow earth" theories; "How to Make a Dinosaur Drool" effects featurette; commentary with the director and Fraser; "Being Josh," profile of the young star.

Bottom Line: A really enjoyable movie kids and adults will enjoy, with or without the 3D gimmick.

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