DVD of the Week: 'JCVD.' Plus 'Hotel for Dogs,' 'The Uninvited'

Mickey Rourke may have gotten all the love for The Wrestler earlier this year, but real-life kickboxing star Jean-Claude Van Damme deserves kudos and a comeback career with this super-meta, darkly comic experiment in which he plays...himself.


As the film's aging, action has-been battling personal problems, other actors for roles, and his ex over child custody, he's in the wrong place, wrong time when he stumbles upon a hostage situation at a Brussels post office. You'd never have guessed it, but in JCVD the Muscles from Brussels gives a heartbreakingly genuine, self-referential performance that shows he's capable of bringing the drama and the funny as well as the hardcore action moves we remember.

Also New This Week:

Hotel for Dogs Don't be picky. Adorable pooches, orphan-teen romance, Don Cheadle...what's not to enjoy? This is for families who'd rather go bow-wow at terrific dog tricks, crazy inventions and happy endings than go boo-hoo during a canine tearjerker.
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The Uninvited Two sisters are pitted against their new stepmom who's hot, and who might just be a killer. It's teen horror for girls, with a twist and a PG-13 rating.

Bride Wars Bubbly escapism, high fashion and a couple punch lines for fans of Kate Hudson and/or Anne Hathaway (who's actually pretty decent) in a chick flick that could have been a little more beyotchy.

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Boldly Go and Enter to Win 'Star Trek' TV & Movies on Blu-ray!