DVD of the Week: ‘City Island’ (and Win Free Netflix for 3 Months!)

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City Island Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies star in this cute, heartwarming indie comedy about a family living in the small fishing community of City Island, just outside the Bronx. Garcia is Vince Rizzo, an aspiring actor secretly taking classes in Manhattan while his wife thinks he’s off playing poker. Prompted by an event in class one day, Vince brings his ex-con son (Steven Strait) home—setting off a chain of events and white lies the entire family has to keep track of with hilarious results.

'City Island'

Watch: Exclusive clip: Steven Strait reveals his first memories of acting to the cast.

Extras: Commentary with Garcia and the director, deleted scenes, “Dinner with the Rizzos” featurette, trailer (DVD/BD)
Enter to Win: We have a 3-month free Netflix subscription to give you, a $30 value. All you need to do is comment below: What is your favorite movie set in New York City? Easy breezy! One entry per person. Winner will be chosen this Friday, 8/27, at random.
Also new:
Survival of the Dead Horror impresario George A. Romero’s latest follows Diary of the Dead to a nightmarish world where zombies rule and humans are just…trying to survive. On Plum Island, two families have been duking it out for generations, Hatfields vs. McCoys-style. Will the O’Flynns’ shoot-to-kill ‘tude emerge victorious over the Muldoons’ more tolerant live-and-let-live sensibility? Extras: Romero intro and commentary, a look at Survival of the Dead on HDNet (SD); “Walking After Midnight” documentary, “Sarge” short film, 13 behind-the-scenes shorts, create your own zombie bite, more (2-disc DVD); BD contains everything on the 2-disc version plus the Fangoria interview with Romero.
The Back-up Plan Jennifer Lopez dreams of meeting Mr. Right, but takes on motherhood solo after a string of Mr. Wrongs. Turns out, Mr. Right came along right after she gets preggo, but will he stick around long enough to find out the truth? Extras: Deleted scenes, making-of featurette (DVD/BD)
TV on BD
LOST: The Complete Collection (DVD/BD) I don’t usually mention TV in this blog, but this HUGE release is definitely worth checking out no matter how you felt about the pop culture phenom’s dubious ending after six seasons following the survivors of a plane crash in the Pacific.
'Lost' on DVD
All six seasons are here in the box set, plus over 30 hours of bonus material; extras exclusive to this collection; featurettes; documentaries; tours of Oahu with the cast; behind-the-scenes interviews and lots more. The collectible packaging (a neat pyramid-shaped box) contains the discs plus a Special Edition collectible ‘Senet’ game as seen in Season Six, a custom LOST island replica, an exclusive episode guide, a collectible Ankh, and a black light penlight. It’s an absolute must-have for the LOST fan you know.
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