DVD of the Week: ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Plus: ‘The Wolfman,’ ‘The Man With No Name’ Blu-ray Trilogy, ‘Life’ on BD

Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp and Tim Burton teamed up again for this $333 million-grossing Disney juggernaut that also stars delightful newcomer Mia Wasikowska as the titular young lady who ditches her engagement party and winds up in the magical, fantastical and occasionally terrifying Underland. More adult acid trip than children's book whimsy, it may be a little too

intense for the little ones. Extras: Featurettes about Tim Burton’s vision, early sketches of Depp’s Mad Hatter, and the technology of the animated characters (DVD/BD); featurettes on the creation of the Red and White Queens, the Futterwacken Dance, Danny Elfman and the score, the props, stunts, effects and more (BD).

The Wolfman The gruesome reimagining of the Lon Chaney classic this time stars Benicio Del Toro as an English aristocrat who comes home after his brother’s death and after one terrifying encounter in the woods, finds out his nightmarish destiny. Extras: Both theatrical and unrated director’s cut, deleted and extended scenes (DVD/BD); alternate endings, featurettes on makeup, stunts, werewolf lore and legend (BD). One really cool feature is the ability to stream the 1941 original movie via BD-Live, so you can show a lycanthropic double feature.
New on Blu
Clint Eastwood: The Man With No Name Trilogy Here’s one you might have been waiting for—Sergio Leone’s iconic trilogy of operatic spaghetti Westerns: A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly finally packaged together on Blu-ray disc. The Good, The Bad…has already been released on Blu-ray, but the other two make their debut in this set. Extras: Deleted scenes, Clint Eastwood on filming in Spain, background on the character, Leone’s style, commentary by film historians, Easter eggs, a look at Morricone’s classic score, and much more.
Life OK, I am making an exception to my usual rule of not covering television, but I can’t not let you know about this visually stunning 10-part BBC series narrated by Oprah Winfrey that tells 130 stories from the natural world. Fifty of them are filmed firsts, like a humpback whale mating contest, giant starfish eating a giant octopus, cheetahs bringing down ostriches double their size, and the largest gathering ever seen of polar bears converging over a whale carcass. The series cost $22 million, took four years to create and was filmed on every continent and every habitat, from land to air to sea. Not only will some of these stories blow your mind, the footage is reason alone to go buy that HDTV you’ve been mulling over. Watch 2 minutes of exclusive footage of chimp behavior.
War of the Worlds When Earth is invaded by aliens in giant fighting machines, one father (Tom Cruise) struggles to save his son and daughter from certain death and reunite with their mother in Steven Spielberg’s redo of the sci-fi classic. While Spielberg’s unbelievable and corny ending might make you want to reach into your TV and strangle someone, the movie still has a few tense scenes and some pretty cool special effects that make it worth a look in high def. Extras: “The H.G. Wells Legacy,” “Revisiting the Invasion,” “Designing the Enemy,” “We Are Not Alone” and more.
Bad Boys Michael Bay’s over-the-top 1995 action comedy stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two Miami cops investigating the heist of $100 million in heroin from police headquarters, who wind up having to switch identities and lives to catch up to the druglord behind it all.
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