DVD of the Week: Adventureland


From the director of Superbad comes this surprisingly sweet, restrained comedy about a college grad (Jesse Eisenberg) trudging his way through summer as a carnival worker. As he meets various oddballs and falls for the dramatic Em (Kristen Stewart, following through on her promise from Twilight and Into the Wild), the movie perfectly captures that fleeting, magical joy of summer romance and coming of age. If - like us - you're missing John Hughes nowadays, or if you just want to see one of the more underrated and best films released this year, then take a trip through Adventureland.

Watch this exclusive Adventureland clip/featurette about Ryan Reynolds' character in the film:



Sunshine Cleaning This oddball yet darkly amusing story has two loser-ish women starting a crime-scene cleanup business. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt pull off this strangely endearing movie.
[Ever wonder what's in candy corn? Watch an exclusive Sunshine Cleaning DVD clip.]
Duplicity  Twisty-turny plot has Julia Roberts and Clive Owen as ex-government agents who hatch a high-stakes plan to double-cross rival corporations and find they might not be able to trust each other--or their blooming feelings for each other.
The Informers Typical dark, chilling and ultimately boring material from Bret Easton Ellis, involving beautiful people, copious amounts of drugs, all-night parties and hedonism. Sometimes it sounds more fun than it is.
Fighting A small-town boy gets involved in the bare-knuckle streetfighting circuit, where he fights not only to win, but for respect, survival -- and, eventually, to get out.
Rudo y Cursi Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna star as poor brothers who rise to fame and fortune as superstar rival soccer players in Mexico, and find that the high life comes at a pretty steep cost to their personal lives and brotherly relationship.

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