Do You Agree with Yahoo's Top 100 Films To See Before You Die?

These days everyone and their little sister have put together what they believe to be a list of the best films of all time. And in the spirit of books like 1000 Movies To See Before You Die (which I own and recommend), Yahoo has now put together their own list of 100 Movies To See Before You Die. (On a side note, while I understand the "Before You Die" line of products is popular, perhaps we can find a way to debate the great movies without the whole death angle. It’s kinda depressing. Whaddya think?)

Anyway, the list is a little heavy on the older films, ignoring fan favorites like The Dark Knight, Iron Man or even The Empire Strikes Back (although Star Wars, which I think we’d agree is a tiny bit weaker than its first sequel, is on the list). Alien is there, but, again, its sequel Aliens (which is better than the original) is not. Strange, yes, especially when you consider the fact that they squeezed all three Lord of the Rings films into one spot.


But when you have a list like 100 Movies To See Before You Die, are we to assume the authors feel these are the top 100 films of all time or just a solid buffet of wonderful films in different genres spread throughout the ages? Check out the complete list over here, and tells us what you think. Are there any films they left off or shouldn’t have included? And, in your opinion, what separates a list of films to see before you die from a list of the top films of all time?

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