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DIY Lego Light Brightens Up the Night

There’s no need to fear a dark night (Get it? Dark Knight?) when you have this Lego Batman-inspired Bat Signal night-light! There are a lot of steps, but we promise it’s easy to make.

You’ll need:

Black Legos

Yellow Legos

Lego base plate

Black cardstock

Yellow tissue paper

LED craft lights



Black spray paint (optional)


Step 1: Plan out the size and shape of your night-light using black and yellow Legos. To create a ledge for the Bat Signal insert, use single-width yellow bricks.


Step 2: Once you’ve mapped out your night-light, use scissors to cut the Lego base plate to the correct size. Leave a notch at the bottom for the light cord.


Step 3: (Optional) Base plates aren’t available in black, so if you want a more finished look, give your base plate a coat of black spray paint on the front and back. 


Step 4: Measure the size you’ll need to create the Bat Signal insert for your night-light. 


Step 5: Find your favorite Batman logo online. (There are tons of different versions!) Use that to create a template and carefully cut out around the logo using a craft knife. If you have a digital cutting machine (or know someone who does) you’ll get even better results. Glossy black cardstock is pictured, but you can do this with matte cardstock as well. 


Step 6: Carefully position and tape your craft lights inside of you Lego night-light. Don’t worry if things look a bit messy--it will all be covered up. It’s recommended that you use LED lights for this as they produce very little heat when turned on. 


Step 7: Glue or tape two layers of yellow tissue paper on the back of your Batman Logo and position it inside of your Lego box. Use a thin line of glue if needed to hold everything in place. 


Step 8: Finish off your night-light by adding the final layer of black Lego bricks around the front.


Now, just turn on your night-light and enjoy! 

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