'District B14' Set for Production

Kung Fu Panda fans who didn't get their full fill of martial arts, here's some good news. /Film's reporting that production begins next month on District B14, a sequel to the 2004 parkour/martial arts flick, District B13. Miss that one? Or not too familiar with parkour? Chances are you've seen the art form already, at the beginning of Casino Royale, or in all those ads where young, fit street athletes run, jump, dive, hurdle, climb, flip and otherwise perform all sorts of amazing manuevers through the inner city, using walls, buildings and the rest of the concrete, urban landscape as their own personal jungle gym. For more of a visual demonstration, check out the District B13 clips below.

Watch the B13 trailer
Watch the B13 featurette

And now I must flip you.
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